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Welcome to Rest Recovery Wellness (Life Expansion LLC) where we provide cutting-edge solutions to help you achieve your wellness goals. We offer a diverse range of products and services tailored to various fitness environments - from gyms to franchisees, and from personal studios to individual fitness enthusiasts.

At the heart of our value proposition is a deep understanding of your unique needs, and a commitment to making our solutions as accessible as possible. That’s why we’re redefining financing in the wellness industry. We recognize the difficulties and intricacies often associated with dealing with traditional financial institutions, and we’ve stepped up to provide a simpler, more efficient alternative.

No need to navigate the banking labyrinth. With us, you’re dealing directly with the source of your financing. We’ve become the bank for you. We provide in-house financing for any order exceeding $80,000. Our process is simple and straightforward: there are no credit checks, we just require proof of income.

But we don’t stop at offering financial support. We also prioritize your financial comfort. Our financing solution comes with flexible terms, allowing you to choose a payback period that suits you best, from 12 to 36 months. This is our commitment to helping you manage your payments in a way that respects your financial landscape.

Moreover, we understand that the initial financial commitment can be a significant barrier for many. That’s why we offer a range of down payment options. Depending on the size of your order, you can opt for a down payment from 0% to 20%. This flexibility ensures that you can start your wellness journey without the stress of a hefty upfront payment.

At Rest Recovery Wellness, we’re more than just a provider of wellness solutions. We’re your partner in achieving your fitness goals, a companion on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, and a supporter of your financial wellbeing. Let’s transform your wellness dreams into reality, together.

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Water maintenance is a breeze with our built in 2 step water filtration system and non-chlorine based sanitizer. The 20 micron filter ensures that any foreign contaminants are removed prior to entering the unit and the high-flow water pump fully circulates the water every 15 minutes. All that is required is adding Oxidizer, testing the Sanitizer level weekly, and replacing the filter once per month. Details instructions can be found here.

We designed all components of The COLD PLUNGE to be simple to setup and takedown quickly. No tools are required; simply inflate the Tub with air, connect the hoses to the Chiller and plug power cord in to a standard outlet, and fill with water. Takedown is just these steps in reverse! On average, this takes 15 minutes for setup or takedown depending on your water pressure for filling. Detailed setup and takedown instructions and videos can be found here.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology works by sending low-level frequency throughout the body to recharge cells, expedite recovery, and calm the central nervous system. PEMF has been scientifically proven to improve chronic pain conditions, lessen inflammation, and improve immune response.

After each session, we suggest keeping a dry towel handy to absorb any sweat left behind. We recommend using a nontoxic disinfectant wipe or spray to sanitize the material parts of the mat. For the mesh areas where the crystals are, we recommend using a hand vacuum to remove any dust or debris after your session. Leave the mat open to cool and dry completely before packing away.

We recommend wearing long sleeves, long pants, and socks while in the blanket, as well as lining the blanket with a thick towel. This will absorb any sweat released during your session and provide comfort while lying on top of the heat source.

The blanket ranges from 68 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. However, there are various ways to measure the temperature, such as interior surface, inside air, and more. It is fully adjustable with a handheld controller attached to the blanket and programmed for 60 minutes but can be shut off at any time.

We suggest keeping a dry towel handy to absorb any sweat left behind after each session. We recommend then using a nontoxic disinfectant wipe or spray to sanitize the blanket. We like Seventh Generation's because it's gentle and non-abrasive to the blanket, but effective at removing bacteria. Leave the blanket open to dry and cool down completely before folding and packing away.

This is all 100% personalized to teh person. Our 100% Macro Program is easy and will restore your metabolism. We get you in our app and build around you and your personal goals.